After Blaine calls Exotic Ryerson a horrible person to own best the brand new gang of hecklers you to troubled Tina

After Blaine calls Exotic Ryerson a horrible person to own best the brand new gang of hecklers you to troubled Tina

Blaine observe Tina when you find yourself she sings We Realize Rivers which will be shown to be offended whenever she had been heckled from the audience. (A night of Neglect)

Blaine and Tina are experiencing coffees near to Mercedes, Kurt, and you will Santana, discussing Kurt’s move into Dalton, and David’s wedding with it. (Born Like that)

From inside the 2011 Junior Prom, Blaine sings I’m not Gonna Teach Your boyfriend Ideas on how to Dancing with you having Brittany and you may Tina since right back-right up. (Prom Queen)

When Blaine play It is far from Strange regarding the college courtyard, Tina is seen experiencing the overall performance and recording it on her phone. Afterwards, Tina and additionally The latest Recommendations in place of Finn warmly embraces Blaine toward group as well as play You cannot Stop the Overcome because their closure count which have Tina and Blaine dancing with her due to the fact couples. (The latest Reddish Piano Investment)

Because the The fresh new Recommendations create I can’t Decide for You to definitely/You create My personal Dreams because of their grind regarding against the Troubletones, Tina prospects some solo contours and can get noticed after dancing that have Blaine. (Grind From)

They find Artie, who has got registered the marching band, about hall and identify its need and this Sue acknowledged him or her due to the fact she desired “a good-looking, non-combustible homosexual” and you may a beneficial “nothing red-colored #4 combined toward the lady Champ batter

Tina runs into Blaine and Kurt from the shopping mall as they calm down towards massage therapy chair if you are Tina is out to get fabric to have the newest clothes. They both receive the lady to join them to own a hot pretzel, however, Tina declines, stating she should buy a lot more cloth that highlights Rachel’s most readily useful keeps. Whenever Tina accidentally falls and you can attacks this lady direct in the water water fountain due to failing to pay focus because the she was angrily texting Mike, Blaine instantly rushes in order to the girl services. During Tina’s fantasy, she imagines Puck as Blaine and you can Finn because the Kurt, in which both of them inform you higher question on her health in advance of she realizes that she actually is Rachel Berry. Then they get their on pleasure bar for her in order to play their solo where they are both shown to be really went because of the the girl efficiency. The true Blaine can be regarded as Puck, which lazily is throughout the right back line, yawning and you can significantly annoyed. (Props)

When Tina sings Because you Appreciated Me, he or she is viewed teary-eyed (because genuine Puck would either would while in the an emotional show)

They are seen position on the audience with her when you look at the senior’s graduation ceremony, cheering toward the elderly in addition to their current men during the time. (Goodbye)

Blaine and you will Tina, and Brittany and you may Unique, vie against both to own a place to become the “The newest Rachel.” From inside the Call me Perhaps efficiency, Blaine and you will Tina clearly have a little rivalry happening while in the. They show an angry lookup through the Marley’s audition, comprehending that there are a lot more race are “The Rachel.” In the end, Blaine is known as the fresh Rachel by Artie and you will Tina is actually angered through this. (The latest Rachel)

Tina and you will Blaine have emerged with Artie, watching Brittany that have a crisis and you can fighting Jacob Ben Israel having an enthusiastic umbrella. (Britney dos.0)

From inside the Miracle Society from Superheroes Club fulfilling, Tina, clothed due to the fact the girl superhero changes-pride Far-eastern Salesmanship, messages Blaine to the their “Nightbird” portable in the event that they have spoke to Kurt yet ,, that Blaine defensively states your count is only to own problems and that Tina can’t play with the lady “energies out-of manipulation” locate Blaine to talk to their ex. Afterwards, whenever Finn discusses just how Blaine’s started impact down and you may going because of a harsh time, Tina reviews you to definitely Blaine has to overcome their shame team and this he or she is pretending such an adverse Lifestyle motion picture. But when Finn declares one Blaine try making McKinley and going back again to Dalton, she actually is substantially amazed. (Dynamic Duets)

so they really you’ll vie into the a rival. ” Later, he is observed in Cheerio practice, having fun with hula hoops and getting an age-send of Finn, asking them to meet in the courtyard to possess happiness practice. During the Try not to Dream It’s More than, Tina and you may Blaine show up out of the blue inside abilities and you can play multiple outlines with her. (Swan Song)

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