So it crisis did better balancing the newest seriousness and you will funny part , it was not overdone as well as in your head !

So it crisis did better balancing the newest seriousness and you will funny part , it was not overdone as well as in your head !

I wish !

Kim Go Eun try a wonderful celebrity and you will vow she offers the woman portfolio and you may perform some big dramas just like the I can pick their performing good FBI / Police reputation really .

We particularly like brand new Bromance between your Grim Reaper and you may Goblin , since is a friendship I didn’t see I wanted ,however, lee dong wok to experience a good grim rap artist right here and you can an effective Nine End when you look at the Story Of Nine tailed , so it mingle2 date man love it dream dramas ( I’d choose to delete Blade child out of my memories, it was so bad however, We stuck it to possess your )

The records getting the fastened together with her nowadays nearly 1000 age later on all of them speak to records repeating by itself , Grim reaper which in the past existence is New Queen ultimately to be able to become with his King who is now from inside the the near future try Bright starred because of the Yoo For the NA but unfortunately the guy cannot remember many techniques from his past existence however, he seems something terrifically boring within his boobs every time the guy investigates the woman and then he simply starts weeping, later he finds out the truth about his previous lifetime , I can see why this crisis had instance highest critiques out of over 20% to possess a great TVN drama! it is done perfectly, off pretending so you’re able to directing so you’re able to CGI , I want to state it is all congratulations and nothing more than the big that’s what upsets me from the dramas for example Couples In the red Heavens and you will Jirasan are societal dramas with such a top budget but nonetheless overcooking it into the CGI , simply take a lesson some body ! reduced is far more.

you’re make sure they are fall-in love and possess their accomplish that very he can ultimately rest , I know they are immortal , lived to have so long last but not least planned to rest shortly after way of living having so long however, let your alive at least sixty far more years therefore she will be able to get old that have him ! I am talking about the guy endured nearly a lot of many years, 60 could be quite simple !

This happened and you will almost one thousand age after they have been residing property with her such as a massive pleased loved ones, The conclusion!

The whole plot from only his bride are able to see the blade and take it out ( SPOILER ) being the you to definitely basically destroy your is indeed unfortunate because the positively?

naturally inside the Dramaland the good things usually do not past , they had going to me tough in the end like really, it was too-much even for myself! somebody who were viewing dramas getting 12 years , We have watched certain genuine tear jerker dramas however, at the least I had somewhat of a finish you to definitely made me leaving stating ‘ ok the conclusion ‘ or something one gave me a happy impact ! I don’t need certainly to scream any further thinking about whenever or if perhaps they feel along with her in the end thus i merely composed my own conclude , she never removed the fresh new blade away and you can Kim Shin proceeded in order to rescue this lady and when she was at threat ,it went off and you may lived in a fantastic nothing household in the nation together with step three children , living cheerfully previously just after.

I must say i enjoyed this drama even when, well casted and well-acted all of the time out of every reputation also supporting and you will side characters, Playground Joong Hun returning once escaping an effective Grim Reaper nearly one thousand many years after therefore the plot twist regarding Duk Hwa in reality getting had a god was * cook kiss *he or she is nonetheless an identical Duk Hwa , just that new hands emerged and you may went.

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